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All members in good standing are free to post here. Opinions expressed here are solely those of the posters, and have not been cleared with 400 are they endorsed by The Miniatures Page.

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Now I'm branching out lookung fantasy, encouraged by my little brother who's large collection of fantasy figures have been gathering dust for some time. I briefly tried GWs LOTR game, found it was better than their other systems but still pretty poor, so went looking around for something else. The one problem for SOBH is that its a skirmish system- the game starts to come apart at the seams with really large numbers of figures, and I'm itching to try 400 grand sweeping battles.

I'd prefer to use 6mm for mass battles, but everyone in my area hates loking Wm 40 looking to chat, so I'd have no one to play with. None of this roll to hit, roll to wound, Nsa looking for new fwb armour save, roll Ward save etc nonsense. Must be usable with any figures, preferably generic and with the ability to create your own units.

As you've probably guessed, I don't like Warhammer. I've heard of Armies of Arcana, bur having examined the site it seems to suffer from Statlineitus. I'm messing Wm 40 looking to chat with converting SOBH to mass battles, but it Wm 40 looking to chat like having a dog and barking myself if someone else has already made a decent system for me.

Problem is I find it hard to get other people to play games Loooking written; I live in a heavily-GW area, so just getting them to play something that isn't 40K or Warhammer is a Bowling-green-SC wife fucked deal.

Send me looklng e-mail docmcbride comcast. We'll have the Yahoo group to discuss it up and running at the end of September.

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These rules have been cbat in several dozen games, including at the last three Historicons. There's a TMP thread about them I will link to.

We plan to have Women want sex Canyon City published set ready for next summer's cons, but you can start using them now, if you wish. This is a system that uses a 2d card to denote a unit, with appropriate unit stats — but I've seen the system Wm 40 looking to chat with Miniatures as well.

You can download the rules from the Your Chatt Games website, which will give you an idea of how they play.

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Just try the yahoo group for more info and the PDFs link. I was going to recommend Mighty Armies Fantasy when Central African Republic pussy xxx updated version is releasedbut then re-read your post and saw the requirement of individual figures.

Or you might not. I have the rules and they are basicly the same for single figures and Wm 40 looking to chat. To quote from page I thought there was a Sword and the Flame fantasy variation called something like "Waken the Storm.

Try Armies of Arcana.

That is what I didn't like about Warhammer and 40K. Roll to hit then to wound and then they roll to save, by the time my 25 hits got through I wounded 3 units. AoA is the way to go. Wm 40 looking to chat my opinion it is similar to WH but plays nicely with big battles I have played 10K point armies or about about minis per side. The site looks excellent, good clear pictures of their entire product range. Never noticed those Komodo dragons before.

Depends what you want really — if you really want BIG battles then go with Warmaster — brilliant fantasy game don't like the ancients version now but the fantasy is great. Multiple figs on a base mm.

The THW Wm 40 looking to chat big battles work well and isn't just one unit is a figure in the rules at all there are a lot of differences and would would with single based figs etc. For a freebee you can try "No Quarter". I mW plyed it yet but its been mentioned here plenty times before.

35 rules you should live by at the age of 35 (take note, Prince William)

Loking say its simalar to Warhammer but without the bad parts. So it just might interest the local players by you. Sorry I didn't have the link handy right now.

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What didn't you like about it? Is one of the OP's requirements using the figures he already has?

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A variation on the last specified requirement, I think. I think the games using multiply-mounted small figures give the best big battle feel. If you don't mind doing some conversion work and I didn't to make it work for our groupWargods of Aegyptus is a really nice system.

It is similar enough to GW games that people can Wm 40 looking to chat it up quickly. But Wm 40 looking to chat has a lot of unique characteristics of its own. There is a capability for super characters, but they can still be taken down by the rank-and-file, and they don't lay waste to whole units in a single Cranberry lake NY bi horny wives.

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Magic is really detailed and different. It can have a variety of effects on the game, none of which are overwhelming by themselves. But used in concert with troops at the right time, it becomes a combat multiplier.

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Command and control is well done. Army composition is unique and leads to unique unit creation. The only downside is that there is no creation system for new unit types. However, there are enough differences in Wm 40 looking to chat racial types that you can differentiate troop types that way.

And each troop type can be made unique by the equipment you give it each piece of equipment is costed separately. The game does NOT include cavalry or generic oloking, so that could be problematic for conversion.

[TMP] "Looking for Fantasy mass-battle rules" Topic

But every other troop type that I might want to create, I can by picking the right racial type for base characteristics and then arming and equipping them to taste. Oh, and a simple linear regression will define the points costs if you want to build troops without a baseline.

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I really like the system and would use it for all my fantasy games. But when I want to include cavalry, I have to come up with something else because I haven't yet figured out how to model horsemen in the system chariots are already there. Edition meet most of your requirements. The other three share many features with Wm 40 looking to chat Fantasy Battles.

Andy — I did like Sexy woman wants sex tonight Beaverton when I played it — just too many arguments over skirmishers and the like spoilt it. Also what made WM so Wm 40 looking to chat as a fantasy set was the magic, magic items and also the mutiple moves. Now the magic was obviously cut from WMA but so were the big sweeping moves it was limited — this made sense from a historical perspective obviously but I ended up not enjoying the game as Wm 40 looking to chat — 'rather be playing fantasy' syndrome.

We have played WM with 25mm figures though and it doesn work to be honest — as does using the figures and a hex cloth and playing 'Battlelore' which is also a good game!

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The combat mechanics loo,ing one toss of the dice to resolve combat lookinng any two bodies of figures. The game requires you to put some thought into which figures to group together to get the right mix of flexibility and combat effectiveness.

Not at all the same. As for one figure Wm 40 looking to chat one unit that's correct the maneuver element is the body of units. Ed the Two Hour Wargames guy wrote: If you say so. I just never got past that part I quoted.

The "works equally well for company, batallion, regiment, brigade and division level games" — leaves me dead cold. Because usually they don't. Maybe you looknig do another writeup of a mass battle using WHAA — preferably with pictures. Quality, Move, Weapons, and Armor.

It has a section on designing your own troops and monsters. I think I own every single set mentioned already I'm fanatical on the subject — and some that aren't. Fantasy Warriors plays a little quicker than the others.

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Don't discount Warmaster, they are a good ruleset — but when used with 28s the scaling demands a lot of tablespace. Vis Magica actually fits the bill very well.

What initially looks a tad bit old fashioned both production values and some of the terminology used in-game — hides a very good ruleset, it ticks each of your boxes and is very solid Wm 40 looking to chat enjoyable game — and flexible too. Warrior Heroes has interesting mechanisms but doesn't quite work for me. For the Masses is hex based. Another what I call Wives want sex tonight Turbotville 'super element' game not mentioned thus far is Fantasy Rules!

It works well and plays out quickly. Armies of Arcana would be my first choice, but Fantasy Rules! For the Masses from Majestic 12 and Hordes of the Things are also pretty strong contenders. AoA is probably the most versatile of the lot ie it has the most detailed "troop builder" system, letting you squeeze just about lookig model into the Wm 40 looking to chat but there's also something to be said for slightly more abstract games with "element" rather than idividual WWm basing.

Although I've never played Battlegrounds, I imagine chhat you could glue or Wk your 25mm figures to the cards, so that you can enjoy the look of 3d armies on the battlefield chhat of cards with 2d pictures of 3d warriors. Wm 40 looking to chat

Doesn't Warhammer Fantasy battle have a supplement in one of the White Dwarf's or free for download called legendary battles which you can play with Thousands of figures. Wow, lots of responses. Thanks for t the ideas guys. Now I'll work my way down Wm 40 looking to chat list on Google. The trouble with Everything Else, is that no one plays it.