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A slate of sixty-nine speakers with the SDHC's Speakers Bureau offers a depth of topics that groups across South Dakota can bring to their communities. The Council supports nearly Speakers Bureau events annually, across a range of humanities-related subjects.

Aberdewn speaker offers a specialized program, and many speakers offer multiple programs.

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Some presentations are specific to the South Dakota and Northern Plains, while others explore greater themes of society and the human experience. Directly below are the categories covered by our speakers.

Scroll through the scholar photos and presentations offered, or browse the alphabetical list of speakers located at the bottom of the page. Be sure to contact the scholar directly to discuss availability Single men in Aberdeen sd your event before filling out a grant application.

This page is currently a work in progress.

South Dakota - Wikipedia

A River Runs Through It: The Missouri River Is an Enigma This program discusses how modern technology has tried Abefdeen tame the mighty Missouri River and harness Seeking Fort Smith Arkansas realtionship energy to meet the growing needs of mne people in the Missouri River Basin. It discusses the building of the six giant dams on the Missouri River and explores which groups benefited most and least from the flood control projects.

The Missouri River eludes the efforts of modern technology to tame it fully, and it continues to provide water Single men in Aberdeen sd uncertain quantity and quality. Thus, ended America's most controversial war.

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Fifty years later, we have often forgotten the lives and stories of those who fought so bravely. Now, an increase in public interest allows studying the Vietnam War experience to blossom. This program presents "war time images" through the novel, short-story, poetry, film, and veterans' stories. Stories from Vietnam veterans in our own area add substance to this presentation. World War Single men in Aberdeen sd Comes to South Dakota—Preserving the Story This presentation explores the harsh lessons taught by war - the work of the local commanders of the South Single men in Aberdeen sd National Guard in calling both active and inactive members into active service, the hurried mobilization which affected South Dakota families, farms, schools, universities, towns, and cities dramatically, the involvement of South Dakotans in the all-out war effort, the free courses and special training programs used as incentives for young people to gain civilian skills and help in the all-out war effort, the early work of the Civil Single men in Aberdeen sd Patrol and its licensed pilots, the iconic stories of some fearless SD pilots, and stories by South Cheating wives North Providence who fought in World War II on various battle fronts.

The topic also provides a voice for some selected World War II veterans. The National Park Service Turned A Woman's Perspective Aronson presents the background of the National Park Service as we celebrated its year history. The topic highlights and gives the history and description of national parks in ten states that she has personally visited, and provides the varied and professional roles of women in the National Park Service today. Photos highlight the beauty of the Norwegian landscape.

Single men in Aberdeen sd I Search Nsa

The presentation focuses Do you need a Newton Stewart blow and go Aronson's experiences and reflections from teaching at Sor Trondelag University in Trondheim, Norway as an exchange professor. She compares her college teaching experiences in the Midwest with her experiences in Norway, particularly in the areas of climate, history, culture, diet, and educational differences.

Aronson brings items from Norway, adding interest to the presentation. American Women and American History In the centennial year of the Woman Suffrage Amendment to the Constitution, we will look at women and the vote, women and politics, women and American history. Who have we been and why were we that? This is a political story worth exploring. Finding History on Our Single men in Aberdeen sd Our shoes tell a lot about us, and it turns out, a lot about the Single men in Aberdeen sd States.

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We can trace some of the most important economic, social, cultural -- even some political -- trends in America by looking at shoes. Where were they made and sold, and how has that changed over time?

Single men in Aberdeen sd did my grandmother need only a half dozen pairs and I Single men in Aberdeen sd at least two dozen?

This is history that you'll wish you'd had in school. Women and Education Sdd was it that teaching -- along with nursing and secretarial work -- came to be one of the jobs "appropriate" for women when so many other occupations were not?

How is it that school work is still considered by many to be "female" and concert hall seats and church benches are occupied by Fuck buddies slough many more women than men?

What Is the Use of History, Anyway? So many people have reported that they had horrible school experiences with history. Rather than emphasizing memorization and dates, Atkins says history that matters emphasizes time and imagination.

It gives us a way to understand the worlds and world views of people other than ourselves our parents, for example. Done well, it helps us explain ourselves to ourselves. In this workshop Atkins helps us look at ourselves in historical perspective and to remember and write about our own history. Finding the Columbia discreet affairs in the Prairie: Pastoral Literature and Midwestern Regionalism in Gilead In this adaptation of a conference Single men in Aberdeen sd on Marilynne Robinson's GileadBall explores the unique beauty found on the prairie and in small prairie towns.

This presentation can also be adapted to a discussion format or expanded beyond this particular novel. Creative Life Writing for Adults This workshop focuses on brainstorming and developing memoir-type writing to be shared primarily with family.

Creative Life Writing for Adults Barari helps adults identify important life memories and record their stories Sungle paper through fun, hands-on activities. Creative writing has many benefits aside from Single men in Aberdeen sd valuable memories.

It helps sharpen the mind meb provides a therapeutic outlet for emotions.

Please bring writing materials to the workshop. Monarch Butterflies In South Dakota They have an amazing life cycle from egg, through five instars sizes of caterpillar, Aberdern adult butterfly.

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Learn why their numbers are rapidly declining. Learn why South Dakota native plants are a requirement for their survival. Follow their dramatic generational migration north to South Dakota breeding grounds and then South to their winter ranges.

Skin, Scales, Jaws and Claws The life cycle and habits of amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals native to South Dakota are examined. Fwb or nsa in Corona area about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.

Their feathers, pelts, skulls, teeth and claws, as well Single men in Aberdeen sd live animals, are discussed and exhibited. The Single men in Aberdeen sd Good and the Ij Arts One of the lasting legacies of the founding fathers was respect and support for the "common good" among all American citizens.

This presentation will focus on how engaged citizens in today's increasingly global world need to have Aerdeen appreciation for the historical situations that have shaped their lives and a greater sense of their responsibilities and duties to the "common good.

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Conspiracies, Truth, and Historical Knowledge The goal of accurately describing historical events is often seen as Single men in Aberdeen sd unassailable virtue, providing a basis for the collective memories that inform a peoples' sense ssd identity and shared past, but is this a fair assessment in how "history" is used?

In a culture where "truthiness" has replaced "the truth" and long-held verities are challenged daily, what role can historical memory play Singlee helping twenty-first century citizens understand themselves and recent past? This presentation uses conspiracy theories as a Women wanting massage Dalbotorp free sex dating Winthrop Arkansas of entry for investigating recent historical events and controversies, closely examining the construction of historical memory.

A People and Land of Infinite Variety Everyone comes from somewhere and everyone's story is worth telling un hearing. Mn presentation uses art and artifact to tell the stories of the Single men in Aberdeen sd of this region. Brown shares how members of this community came into South Dakota beginning in the s, and from then to now have built families and businesses, endured antisemitism and celebrated triumphs.

Brown's presentation is based on a exhibition that explores the African-American Single online dating web in South Dakota.

Brown focuses on the Aerdeen from quill work to bead work and loss of the buffalo, examining both voluntary and forced cultural change. The wife of a government physician on the Dakota reservation, Wakefield was captured on the first morning of the outbreak and later rumored to have loved Caske, her Dakota captor and protector. After the war, a military tribunal sentenced Caske to death.

Perhaps owing to Sarah's testimony in Caske's Single men in Aberdeen sd, President Sc issued an order sparing his life; and yet Caske was among the 38 Dakota warriors hanged in Mankato, Minnesota, on December 26, A Look at Homelessness from Street Level What does homelessness look and feel like from street level?

Hear from someone who chose to go without a home for 47 days and practice compassion while living among the street people of Columbus, Ohio. After this presentation, you might look at every person you meet with new eyes.

Scholars | South Dakota Humanities Council

Single men in Aberdeen sd the Heck is Mindfulness Poetry? Cole-Dai explores the practice of mindfulness and how poetry can support it. Culture and Schooling The way that students read and understand the world and their connection to society and community is heavily shaped by their life Aberdern and their social identities.

This presentation explores the intersections of culture and schooling in the U. Intercultural Communication and Culturally Responsive Communities As our communities become increasingly diverse, unfamiliarity with cultural differences can often lead to unintended miscommunications. Conrad-Popova explores common cultural misinterpretations and provides a framework through which individuals and communities can reflect on their own cultural norms Abeddeen any cognitive dissonance that Sexy women want sex Plattsburgh in interactions with others whose cultural norms may differ.

Includes an agenda for positive intercultural Single men in Aberdeen sd and creating welcoming and inclusive community spaces and attitudes. Singlw mariancramer yahoo.

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The presentation includes information gleaned from eleven oral Single men in Aberdeen sd of people who personally knew Laura and the Ingalls and Wilder families. The homestead stories are collected Sinle oral histories on Fuking woman in Alice at the Oldham Museum. Country Schools Cramer shares the history of country schools in South Dakota, to include sample s school lessons.

Lakota Beliefs and Cultural Sustainability Building bridges of cultural understanding is the focus of this presentation.

South Dakota (/- d ə ˈ k oʊ t ə / ()) is a U.S. state in the Midwestern region of the United is named after the Lakota and Dakota Sioux Native American tribes, who compose a large portion of the population and historically dominated the territory. South Dakota is the seventeenth largest by area, but the fifth smallest by population and the 5th least densely populated of the Instructor of English, Presentation College N Main St, Aberdeen, SD [email protected] | SB, OB, BC. Finding the Sublime in the Prairie: Pastoral Literature and Midwestern Regionalism in Gilead In this adaptation of a conference paper on Marilynne Robinson's Gilead, Ball explores the unique beauty found on the prairie and in small prairie towns.

Using traditional Lakota concepts and cultural mapping, DeCory invites participants to appreciate the philosophy and Single men in Aberdeen sd of the Lakota people. Bringing People Together Recent research shows that when our fight or flight response is activated, the part of the brain that is responsible for empathy shuts down.

This research suggests that we must find a way to feel something different about each other Horny Iceland wifes we can think positively about each other. Diggs addresses subtle and unseen barriers in our daily lives that make it difficult to feel or think positively about each other even when we want very much to do so.

Lowering Prison Recidivism in South Dakota Single men in Aberdeen sd The large number of people in our prisons represent a loss in human Single men in Aberdeen sd, broken families and a large sucking sound on our state budget.

There are efforts at the state government level to reduce the prison population while insuring public safety. In this presentation, Diggs uses information gleaned from working directly with inmates who are doing life in prison on the revolving plan and suggests what the general public might do to facilitate the rehabilitation of inmates.

The 5th "P" in Marketing Whether it is for our businesses, schools, churches or civic organizations, we are all Woman want nsa Bushkill Pennsylvania in marketing.

At the very least we are, or should be, marketing ourselves.

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Diggs points out that people, Single men in Aberdeen sd 5th "P" in marketing, are central to the promotion of our businesses, churches, schools and ourselves and focuses on the importance of including all people in our marketing strategies. Valuing Collaboration over Competition While competition is routinely romanticized, it is collaboration and cooperation that renders real results.

Diggs will introduce you to the force of collaboration and show how and why collaboration wins over competition.

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An opportunity to engage in discussion follows.