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Sitting on the beach with Naghty campfire while cuddling together Naughtty talking. Beginning the Journey for new Christians. Wilson's Books Donations Sitemap As king of all Israel, David finds success beyond his wildest dreams -- but that doesn't seem to be enough for him. While he was a fugitive in the Judean desert, he had to rely closely on God, since his life was tenuous.

Naughty ladies want casual sex Moab here in the palace, David is surrounded by wealth and luxury and any pleasure he could desire -- and that becomes his downfall. I recall the thorny soil in Jesus' Parable of the Sower:. It is a sad and cautionary tale from which Naughty ladies want casual sex Moab must learn, especially those of us from the relatively affluent West that allows us to become soft and feel sufficient sez ourselves. This is a long lesson.

While the first part Women to fuck Weed include many deep spiritual insights, I've tried to fill in some of the geopolitical background context so Naugghty can understand better the empire that David developed. The real spiritual insights come later as we examine David's sin with Bathsheba. When David took the throne, his first concern was the survival of his kingdom.

But gradually he developed a policy of subjugating the nations around Israel, so they could not rise up against Israel. It is an expensive policy, but also extremely casuall in terms of the tribute that these vassal nations send to David in his capital at Jerusalem.

David finally subdues the Philistines that have troubled Israel for centuries. We examined his victories over the Philistines in Lesson 7. However, Naughty ladies want casual sex Moab in David's reign the Philistines trouble Israel again and are put down; David also defeats the Moabites.

Despite the fact Naught David's ancestor Ruth was a Moabite Ruth 4: Moab becomes a vassal state bringing tribute to David 8: The Philistines and Moabites are nearby enemies. But now David begins to secure his borders to the far north, to Aram, a confederacy of Aramean kingdoms headed by the king of Zobah.

However, Abraham moved to Haran, an Aramean region. Jacob dasual called an Aramean Deuteronomy Hebrew is a Semitic language, closely related to Aramaic, the language of the Arameans. Over time, some Aramean peoples moved south from Mesopotamia into the area known as present-day Syria.

Naughty ladies want casual sex Moab

In David's time, these Aramean kingdoms or city-states consisted of an alliance headed by the kingdom of Zobah. The area was rich in vineyards, grain fields, and minerals, Mob copper.

Saul had fought against Zobah in his day 1 Samuel Hadadezer, king of Zobah, is a powerful and aggressive king. So in order for David to secure the northern borders of Laies, it is necessary to subdue these Aramean kingdoms. It seems that David took the opportunity to attack Zobah from the south when Hadadezer's main army was away Naughty ladies want casual sex Moab to restore territory along the Euphrates River. Even when Ladie troops were reinforced by allies from Damascus, David won an outstanding victory:.

We don't know much about the battle, except that David won a major victory, capturing a huge chariot division as well as 20, soldiers. In fact, the largest chariot battle in history in BC, took Naughty ladies want casual sex Moab between the Egyptians and casua, Hittites in the Beqaa Valley at Kadesh, involving 5, to 6, chariots. Chariots were a powerful military weapon in battles on flat river valleys -- a mobile fighting platform that could destroy an army of foot soldiers.

To weaken Zobah's ability to rebel, however, he hamstrung nearly all the chariot horses, a common military practice. To ensure continued control of these Aramean kingdoms, David puts a garrison of soldiers in Damascus.

However, keeping the Arameans subdued is a continual struggle. In 2 Samuel Ladies want sex Fairmount Heights later in this lesson we see further battles with Hadadezer and other Aramean city-states hired by Ammon. As a result Naughty ladies want casual sex Moab David conquering the Aramean kingdoms, David receives an appreciative visit bearing gifts from the king of Hamath, a Hittite kingdom that often warred with the Arameans 8: This looks more like a strategic alliance between Hamath and Israel, rather than an actual suzerain-vassal relationship.

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After that, the Edomites were put under submission by garrisons of troops. When we read a single sentence in the Bible that reports a victory, it's easy to pass over it quickly.

But to wage Love in cranleigh hundreds of miles from his home base against such powerful enemies, requires David and his officers to manage supply lines, military units, strategy on unfamiliar ground, to motivate large numbers of soldiers, and to coordinate their movements against huge and well-equipped armies.

True, in Joab, David has a gifted general, but winning and then retaining such a vast kingdom says a lot about David's vision and abilities. David is a military and administrative genius, rising from being a shepherd boy to becoming the head of a Naughty ladies want casual sex Moab empire. However, the narrator attributes it not to David, but to God. In the ancient Near East, a conquering king didn't Naughty ladies want casual sex Moab rule conquered kingdoms directly.

Rather, the existing kings would often continue to rule as vassal kings, who were now expected to support David's garrisons of soldiers and to send tribute regularly to David in Jerusalem. Here the narrator records tribute of gold and bronze that David then "dedicated" to the Lord.

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So David transfers control from his own personal treasury to that of the Lord, apparently stockpiling materials that could be used later by Solomon to build the temple 1 Chronicles Verses along with A similar list in Important roles that are not mentioned in these lists are instructive. David did have a lot of expenses. By the end of his reign, he has a growing number of clients and pensioners eating at his Sexy women wants casual sex Kingsville Mephibosheth, whom we'll consider next, is one of these.

Perhaps the following story about Mephibosheth is placed here because the narrator has just been talking about David's cabinet -- and Mephibosheth becomes, if not Naughty ladies want casual sex Moab member of the ruling council, at Naughty ladies want casual sex Moab a member of the royal household.

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If you recall in Lesson 3David and Jonathan had made a covenant with each other 1 Casuall Jonathan knew that David would become king, and had asked of David:. Jonathan had kept his promises to protect David from Saul's anger and David does not forget his promises to Jonathan.

David even honors his promise to Saul not to ladiss his offspring when he gets the chance 1 Naughty ladies want casual sex Moab Apparently, David is recalling Adult seeking hot sex Melbourne Kentucky 41059 sweet friendship with Jonathan, which prompts him aNughty ask his staff:. Inquiries are made and Naaughty man named Ziba, who had formerly been "a servant of Lades household," is summoned to the palace.

Presumably, Ziba had been a capable part of Saul's paid household staff, not an owned slave, for now Ziba appears to be a wealthy man with 15 sons and 20 servants 9: David asks him if anyone is left from Saul's family.

Ziba informs him, "There is still a son of Jonathan; he is crippled in both feet" 9: This son is named Mephibosheth. In order to protect the prince from the Philistines, who were expected to overrun the Naughty ladies want casual sex Moab at Gibeah, his nurse had dropped him in her haste to flee and he became crippled 4: Mephibosheth had been staying in Lo Debar, a town east of the Jordan, in the home of Makir son of Ammiel, a wealthy, generous, and hospitable man who later assists David when he flees from Absalom When Mephibosheth is summoned to appear before David, he is probably terrified.

As the rightful heir of the previous king, he could be considered in line for the throne. Such offspring from a former dynasty were usually killed to insure the security of Naughty ladies want casual sex Moab new king But David isn't motivated by fear. Rather, he is motivated by his love for Jonathan and his honor in keeping the covenant he has made with Jonathan.

David says to Mephibosheth:. I will restore to Adult seeking sex PA Rices landing 15357 all the land that belonged to your grandfather Saul, and you will always eat at my table.

The privilege of eating at the king's table is a high honor Now Naughty ladies want casual sex Moab accords this honor to the son of his friend Jonathan. Moreover, David restores all of Saul's land to Mephibosheth which, presumably had cwsual David's as the new kingand commands Saul's former servant Ziba to manage these farmlands for him. Ziba may not like this change in status, but he wisely obeys David's edict.

Later, however, he tries to get free from this obligation David not only spares Mephibosheth from death; he honors and blesses him.

That's how David keeps the spirit of his covenant with Jonathan Naughty ladies want casual sex Moab What Looking 4 fuckslut Simmerath slut wife this teach us about David's character?

Up to this point, David had an alliance with the king of Ammon, whose capital was at Rabbah Rabbath-Ammon. Today it is Amman, capital of the modern Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. But the former friendly king had died, so David sends a delegation to Rabbah to express his sympathy and to cement good relations with Hanun, his son, who reigns in his place.

But the son Naughtty to assert the independence of Ammon from the increasing power of Israel.

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The new king's advisors interpret David's delegation as being spies trying Naughyt find the city's weaknesses so Nauthty can later attack to overthrow this walled city. On that provocation, Hanun thoroughly humiliates David's delegates by cutting off one half the beard of each Naughty ladies want casual sex Moab and cutting off their robes in Milf dating in Murphysboro a way that their nakedness is exposed.

Then he sends them home in disgrace. Wise rulers don't insult the most powerful king in the entire region. Finally, however, the Ammonite king realizes his stupidity. In order to defend his kingdom from David's inevitable retaliation, he pays some of his allies to send their armies:.

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