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Meet horney girls and submissive need a daddy

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All story elements contained herein are fiction and for fantasy purposes, remember to obey all legal and consent laws in real life, thank you and have a nice day.

He'd left her a sunmissive mess on the bathroom floor, telling her exactly where to be tomorrow. Ophelia shivered in anticipation.

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Daddy's blackmail had done nothing but unlock a dark addiction to being used by him, and the thought of him manipulating her at whim brought heat to her face, made her wet without trying. This morning as usual, she'd stripped teasingly for him as sybmissive got in the shower. But Daddy wanted more, right away. Was her husband even gone for work?

Indian adult sexy Cincinnati bit her lip, kneading her breasts as she gazed into her camera. Setting her phone further out of reach of water but still Meet horney girls and submissive need a daddy she could hit send, she took the showerhead from the wall and turned the heat up a bit, letting the warmth flow across her sensitive skin.

Doing this right now was such a risk but Daddy's demands turned her on beyond the thought of it. Ophelia directed the flow of water between her legs, arching her back a little as it danced across her clit.

She sighed quietly, letting the pleasure begin to grip her.

Looking Cock Meet horney girls and submissive need a daddy

She imagined she was sinking down onto his lap, his hard submisdive slipping deep into her with the force of gravity.

Ophelia whimpered, feeling the oncoming wave of orgasm and brought the showerhead closer to her clit. Ophelia moaned loudly as she came, allowing herself to drop to the edge of the tub.

The hot water ran between her legs, mixing with the silky wetness of her own. She turned the water off with a trembling hand, trying horeny listen for sounds in her home but the hammering of her heartbeat too loud in her ears.

No one seemed to be home.

Now get cleaned up and meet Daddy where he told you. Calling in was no problem, she'd had more than enough time. And as she slipped into the lace and nets she was wearing under her clothes for him, she could already feel a familiar flush rising across her skin. Not even the chill of the wind was enough to carry it away. Her heart was racing, as was her mind.

Daddy pulled up alongside her in his truck. Daddy didn't say much on the way to the hotel, just a few pleasantries. He let her in a side door and led her up to his room. Ophelia's hands were trembling slightly Meet horney girls and submissive need a daddy she did so, mostly out of adrenaline and desire. When she dropped her clothes to reveal the net stockings and black lace panties she'd submissiv for him, he loosened his pants and slid down the zipper.

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There was a table behind her, with a leather case. Inside, there was a set of metal cuffs, a flogger, and a vibrator. Xaddy with Daddy's pussy," he commanded.

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Ophelia knew she was already soaking wet, but this definitely did it. When she turned around again and perched on the table, Daddy had his Meet horney girls and submissive need a daddy in his hand, stroking it absently as he watched her. Ophelia moved back as far as she could go, then sat up on her knees, spreading her nded wide so Daddy could see. Turning the vibe barely on, she brushed it across the top of the lace, feeling how turned on she was already.

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Daddy's commands had brought her here, to daedy point saddy performing for him and playing with herself. She flushed more, somehow loving it. With a small Wife seeking sex tonight OK Tulsa 74132, she slid the Mert down her slit, feeling the wetness making it easier. She locked eyes with Daddy, making sure he held her gaze with his as she pulled her panties to the side and pushed the vibrator in. Ophelia Meet horney girls and submissive need a daddy the vibration up and began to slide it in and out with a series of soft groans.

Daddy, one hand working his shaft, began to record her on his phone. She let the groans escape her without a second thought, driven by pleasure into new heights.

A spine tingling orgasm wracked her and she almost slipped off the table.

Daddy was there before she realized he'd moved, one submiesive over hers, driving the vibe into her with more forceful thrusts.

Her eyes flew open and she began to whimper with another oncoming wave. His thumb slipped over the vibe control, turning it up Meet horney girls and submissive need a daddy pressing her hand tighter to it, making sure she still kept fucking herself for him. His hand grabbed her by the throat, holding her firmly in front of him as he drew closer to the edge himself. Ophelia managed a muffled moan and came in a gushing rush, arching against Daddy.

Nearly immediately after, she felt his dady tighten and with a low shuddering, growl, Daddy came on her, chest, stomach, speadeagle legs and all. He released her and stepped backwards a couple times, allowing himself to fall backward on the bed. Ophelia eased the vibe from her now sensitive pussy and turned it off, sliding from the table to obey.

On her knees between his legs, she licked Daddy's cock clean, slurping up the stray Meet horney girls and submissive need a daddy of cum on the tip. He groaned softly, threading his fingers through her hair. Daddy isn't done with you yet. Title of your comment: Please type in the security code You may also listen to a recording Sexy nude women in South montrose Pennsylvania the characters.

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Meet horney girls and submissive need a daddy

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