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I'm rather new Lookin 4 good head Second life and am looking to update my avi's appearance to avoid the noob appearance xD. Does anyone have any shop recomendations where I can find some Lookin 4 good head quality heads? If not heads any good shops I should just generally goood into? Two good places to start your research are the mesh heads tag on Strawberry Singh's blog, where she posts video reviews of Lookon mesh heads in SL, and the Mesh Body Addicts blog sections for Mesh Heads and Bento Mesh Heads.

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The difference between the two types is that a Bento head allows you further customisation using your body's shape sliders, whereas non-Bento mesh heads don't. Bento is not a brand name; it's a relatively-recent update to the Second Life avatar skeleton that added more bones. As Norchadens mentioned, there are a lot of mesh heads on the Lookin 4 good head, but I don't recommend buying any mesh heads that are listed Adult seeking sex Colchester Vermont 'gacha' items from there.

Very occasionally, scammers will sell empty boxes listed as rare gacha mesh heads, so - if at all possible - I'd Lookin 4 good head that you buy from a reputable store rather than from someone who is reselling gacha items.

Obviously there are genuine people selling their unwanted gacha mesh heads on there, too, but it really is a case of caveat Lookin 4 good head when it comes to buying things like that from Marketplace.

Do some research at the links I've given, and try on lots of demos. The following tips may also help you to choose:. Buy a mesh head yead you want to look like everyone else.

Looking for a head - Wanted - SecondLife Community

I can't count the number of times I've seen a very pretty profile picture, then i meet them Hot ladies seeking nsa Lenox person and think I demo heads as they come out. But I won't use one until I see one that might look like me. Being unable to apply anything custom to a demo makes Lookin 4 good head extremely difficult.

I still like my face, that's why I've never changed it. I modded the body, got different hairs and skins and eventually got a mesh body, but my face is still the same, or the same as it can be with a different skin.

It is about more good the body, just like in RL, it is about your sense of style, not what your body looks like.

If I was on a Lookkin budget, I'd consider a static mesh head, or go the way of gacha to obtain Lookin 4 good head bento head.

Catwa is by far the leader in this space, and second to that would be Lelutka. I own multiple heads through various brands, and based on my own experience, I can see why Catwa is the leader. In terms of features, service, and product support, her Lookin 4 good head is a great value. With that said, there are a lot of brands to consider, but do your homework—Demo the product, talk to people at the store, and read reviews.

SL is 14 years old, but a 14 yr-old avi might be a bit too old, whereas a yr-old avi might be too new. All system avis use the same slider system. Its the shape of the face, ie the position of the face sliders, that matters, gold the date the creator Lookin 4 good head moved the sliders around and put the avi on the market.

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Oh and for those that are interested, Lookin 4 good head the avatar i picked out my very first day, and despite changing everything else about me, I've never touched the face sliders. Afraid to say that the "clone" argument is quite outdated ever since Bento was introduced Granted, at times, you couldn't deny a certain familiar appearance. Quite an insightful experience. I can however understand that people are not finding the right base facial structure to compliment their accustomed system face.

For example, just by the looks "out of the box", I did prefer the LeLutka Simone head for its facial features. But I could never get that one to Lookin 4 good head quite like a "me", while it was fairly easy to get the effect with the Chloe head I eventually got. And I simply do not like the Catwa lips at all, but that's just my point of view.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. Already have an Lookin 4 good head Sign In Sign Up. Posted July Tollesboro KY wife swapping, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

The following tips may also help you to nead Ignore the included skins. They may look awful to you or you might like them!


If Rutgersnew brunswick area looking for head head is a Bento one, it might look truly awful when you put it on over your usual shape.

Usually, this will mean your eyes are squinted shut, and no amount of editing will open them. A head with a pointed chin will not be able to give you a heavy square jaw, for example. Lookin 4 good head the head Omega-compatible? Is there a lot of stuff created for Lookin 4 good head mesh head?

The more, the merrier! Check out their profile picks to see whether they have a series of YouTube videos for common questions such as how to tint your hairbase, or what to do to fix bulging eyes, etc. Believe me, you will probably have at least one or two problems with your eventual chosen mesh head, so having somewhere to find solutions is a great help.

Lookin 4 good head I Am Wanting Real Sex Dating

And, as before, DEMO. Posted July 30, edited. Posted July 31, Posted August 1, Then give it some time and repeat the demoing process. Create an account or sign Lookin 4 good head to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a yood Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

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