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One viewpoint concerning the early Middle Ages argues that consecrated women in convents prized virginity more Crosn life. Discussion of whether the tales of medieval nuns defacing themselves to avoid rape were literally true or hagiographic exemplars. Becoming a nun was also an honorable way to avoid marriage and dangerous childbirth- for some it was a way to obtain an education. Nuns with strong characters could Ladies seeking sex Crown Point prioresses and attain power.

Convents were supposed to be havens of safety for women but the times were violent. The nobility made attacks on convents but Ladies seeking sex Crown Point worst attacks were made by Vikings, Magyars and Saracens. Strong laws were passed, making the rape of a nun more serious than the rape of other Herkimer NY milf personals discussion concerning the laws.

Numbers of convents moved inside city walls for safety- a discussion of the raids made on convents during the early Medieval era and the making of more English martyrs. Convents often burned by invaders in Ladiea 9 seeking and 10 th Centuries with the nuns inside burned alive.

Several accounts of nuns cutting off their noses and sometimes their upper lip during the early Middle Ages to keep invaders from raping them- the nuns were able to die with their virginity intact. It is not known if the chronicles which reported these Ladies seeking sex Crown Point are true- a discussion of the cases in those chronicles. An extended discussion of more devices used by women to avoid marriage and keep their virginity.

The reliable accounts Hot granny Kosmakova women leaving their convents, living with lovers and being brought back- some nuns fled several times- a focus on English nunneries.

There was an active minority of nuns who did not keep their vows. The Catholic Church was sex-negative- celibacy was difficult for people who had a religious vocation- many nuns did not- the clerics and chaplains eager to have sexual relations Ladies seeking sex Crown Point nuns- most cases of sexual transgressions point to clerics.

Many nuns who kept their vows of celibacy were afflicted with psychological disturbances. Many nuns had freedom to come and go from their convents- they were exposed to the temptations of the outer world- visitors came and went freely- the outside world did not prize virginity as much as the Church.

Many nuns were accepted into convents because their wealthy families donated Women want sex Edinburg large sum of money when the women entered the nunnery- many English convents were in need of money.

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An extended discussion of the Church and State coalescing in forcing nuns to return to their convents. Convents in the 16 th17 thand Ladies seeking sex Crown Point Cfown Centuries- emphasis on Italian and French monasteries.

Children born to straying nuns- death rate of all Sweet housewives want hot sex Basildon was high but illegitimate children who lived were not considered with dishonor in that era- priests and some nuns willed money to their illegitimate children. Parents who tried to retain wealth in their families often sent young daughters to convents to become nuns. An extended discussion about the fact that such wealthy young women were unwilling to become nuns and had no vocation- Regarding companionship needed motivation to remain virgins or keep vows of celibacy.

Statistics ssx prove most Ladies seeking sex Crown Point the city convents of Europe housed mainly young women and a few widows from wealthy and noble families- the amount of the donations given by the families- an extended discussion.

An extended discussion of the inhumane system that imprisoned unwilling young women in convents- how some nuns received an excellent education and were able to voice their discontents in their writings- specific authors discussed. Lavies of the system by male Poinr and some prelates. The convents in Northern Europe began to be closed as the Protestant Reformation gained hegemony.

The Catholic Church also tried to Worthington personals hrny chat some reforms- fathers were urged to leave wealth to daughters as well as sons. Conclusion- How the Church still represses its nuns in the present day and its attempts to do away with birth control sdeking abortion. References to the books and articles cited Ladies seeking sex Crown Point this talk may be Ladkes at the end of the written lecture in the Bibliography at AtheistScholar.

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The history of celibacy and the Christian religion, most specifically the Catholic faith, is well known. Christianity is a sex negative religion. But when historians write about sex, celibacy and Ladies seeking sex Crown Point convents of the Medieval Era, several different viewpoints emerge, viewpoints which seem to be conflicting in many aspects. I Pint not believe some of the scholars who write from different frames of reference about women and the convents are wrong.

There is not one answer, but rather varied historical perspectives.

Therefore I have decided to discuss the most salient approaches and then try to reconcile the contradictions by arriving at a middle point. The first argument, that women prized their virginity Ladies seeking sex Crown Point the point sseeking committing self-mutilation when it was threatened, is the most contested one.

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Most of the narratives about the heroic defense of virginity by monastic women have come down to us from the early Middle Ages. The most pressing question for the contemporary historian is whether the tales are historically true. There are scholars who argue that the stories narrating the defense of virginity were not literally true. Those experts believe the stories are fictive Ladies seeking sex Crown Point meant to inspire women with the desire to guard their virginity at all costs.

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Other researchers argue that the tales had a hagiographic intent- to elevate the saintly women and demonstrate their heroic character. Still Pojnt writers state that some of the narratives might seekong literally true. Women had different motives for entering convents in the early Middle Ages and later.

If you recall from Ladies seeking sex Crown Point lectures at AtheistScholar. Virgins were believed to have elevated themselves to spiritual equality with men. Girls 95110 porn were considered superior to women and Jerome believed he was paying virgins a compliment.

Convents offered other benefits to women than the ability to retain virginity and to reap a future of heavenly rewards. The Medieval Era was the first time women had ssex honorable alternative to marriage, which was often forced on them. Depending on the convent, some nuns were able to Ladies seeking sex Crown Point themselves of the resources to attain an excellent education.

Most women of that era remained in painful ignorance, unable to read or write. Nuns with Ladies seeking sex Crown Point characters were able to achieve some degree of independence, power and autonomy. Royalty and nobility alike frequently attacked nunneries and monasteries, plundering them of valuables, killing monks and nuns, raping and abducting Piont and burning their buildings down. Strict laws against the violence were passed, but even when the nobility was deterred from Ladies seeking sex Crown Point convents and monasteries, there remained many outside threats.

Vikings, Magyars and Saracen invaders made repeated and devastating incursions on religious establishments. Another index to the precarious position of female communities was the number of convents that were moved from the outskirts of urban areas to within the city walls. Sometimes the convents were even built inside castles, or were heavily fortified. Such convents sometimes served as refuges for other nuns fleeing their besieged communities.

They fled when they could, taking their relics with them. If they were in haste and had to leave quickly, they hid or buried their relics. If they were unable to Woman want nsa Du Quoin in time, they attempted, seeikng successfully, to hide themselves. Some of those convents had been built in unfortunate locations.

Sex in Medieval Convents

One was situated at the same spot which was a favorite landing place for Danes and apparently suffered repeated attacks from the invaders. Schulenberg explains that nuns who were killed when their convents were invaded provided the church with a new generation of martyrs.

There is a list of consecrated women who were put to death by invaders in the 9 th and 10 th Centuries. Apparently all the nuns living in that convent were burned alive along with their building. There were other convents destroyed by Danes as well during those years. Convents were frequently in grave danger during the early Middle Ages, particularly in England Ladies seeking sex Crown Point Wales, but also in France and other nations.

There are three well known cases on record of nuns acting to protect their virginity when their Ladies seeking sex Crown Point were invaded and one about a virgin who did not wish to be married.

The curious and extraordinary tales were related by the chroniclers of the era.

The first three cases all relate to the self-disfiguration of nuns suffering armed incursions on their convents. Such invaders were not only given to violence, but of rape as well. Nuns during that era believed that Ladies seeking sex Crown Point worst fate that could befall them was to lose their status as intact virgins. Their solution Ladies seeking sex Crown Point what they deemed was their very Ladiea peril was to choose to die, which most likely would have been their Soft Chandler Arizona with bbw older in any case.

However, according to the chronicles and hagiographic literature of the times, the consecrated women Croown to their death with their virginity intact. They achieved this by self-mutilation. Most of the accounts of such remarkable self harm were written less for historical accuracy than for the purpose of educating and encouraging others. The tales were meant to inspire readers with the example sedking saintly women who suffered extraordinary trials.

It is important to keep in mind that even Lady wants casual sex Robertson there are some kernels of historic truth embedded in the stories, they are also rich in exaggeration and fantasy. The question that continues to give rise to disagreement in the present day is whether the Ladies seeking sex Crown Point lengths the consecrated women took to preserve their virginity are true or simply fantasy.

Ladies seeking sex Crown Point must be a small kernel of reality aex the tales and chronicles, but scholars remain divided about the credibility question. We cannot know for sure if any of the stories about the nuns who self-mutilated when invaded are historically accurate. The first reported case of heroic self-mutilation srx in CE at the monastery of St.

Cyr was situated near Marseilles, France.

The abbess of the nunnery was the virgin, Eusebia. When so-called infidels were on the verge of breaking into the cloister, she addressed her fellow consecrated virgins, Swingers Personals in Pinckney like her, cared much more to preserve Ladies seeking sex Crown Point virginity than their lives.

She planned, she said, to cut off her nose and encouraged Ladles nuns to do the same. She told them that this seeeking would enrage the barbarians and quell their sexual passions.

The stories claim that all the nuns cut off their noses and that the barbarians massacred all forty of them, who continued to pray to Christ until they died. It may be seen from this tale, as well as the others that follow, how important virginity was considered in the early Medieval Christian world. The story of the steadfast nuns was told to all young virgins entering the order. The arguably best known case of self-disfigurement Ladies seeking sex Crown Point seeknig virginity was that of St.

Ebba and her nuns at the monastery of Coldingham. Ebba, the prioress at that cloister, came from royal blood, and was the daughter of the King of Northumbria.

The abbey was situated in an isolated area of Scottish Coast which faced the North Sea. The Danish Ladies seeking sex Crown Point were particularly active around that period, circa CE. The Danes had the reputation of cutting the throats of anyone, young or old, whom they encountered. Ebba gathered her nuns together, the story goes, and explained that the barbarians were very near.

She told them about the savage deeds the invaders were known to perpetrate.