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Learn an expression from the internet age.

Is Feifei's designer shawl a solution to her problems with Lisa? Listen to the programme to find out. Rob's very expensive shirt is ruined! Who will pay for it? Feifei has a thing or two to learn from the ducks in the park.

Listen to the programme. Cars that run on air? Sounds too good to be true. But Li thinks they're the future and wants to invest in a company that makes them.

Will she lose her money? Is this butter for a cake, for toast or Finn and Feifei explain. Rob challenges Helen to a word game about a funny-sounding phrase. But what has it got to do with frogs? Feifei doesn't like Rob's cooking.

I have a humidifier blowing on my Hermit crab terrarium that keeps it at around 55 % Relative humidity If I move the hygrometer to the other side of the room, the. It's a bad script; or a good script but the director doesn't know how to treat it; or the script is OK and the director's great but the other actors have all been miscast. Blowing the whistle is more formally known as 'making a disclosure in the public and/ or being victimised as a result of what you have uncovered and made public. it to the right person, and in the right way making it a 'protected disclosure' that you may not be protected if you break another law in blowing the whistle.

But Rob wants Feifei to try his dumplings and promises 'the proof is in the pudding'. What does he mean?

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Phrase of the Day Features. The English We Speak.

To play this audio you need to enable JavaScript. Feifei To blow your mind! Yeah, I love travelling, to be free. Feifei Where if you been?

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Feifei So, which was the best trip? Feifei They blew your mind?!

Feifei But what does it mean - mind blowing; it blew your mind? So what else can be mind-blowing? Feifei And what about nature - the ocean, the planets, the insect world?

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Feifei Here are some more examples. One of the most mind-blowing things about the universe is the distance between the planets. The battle scenes in the film were amazing. They just blew my mind.

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Feifei OK, let's hear it. Harry I know - just mind-blowing. Feifei I've got a very different one for you about insects - cockroaches.

Feifei Well, Cockroaches can live for several weeks without their heads. What does it mean? This could be the one for you.

Learn some cyber vocabulary. Cat got your tongue? Could some ways make your cold worse? And could you actually do some damage? The three most common reasons for extra mucus or snot are the common coldsinusitis infection or inflammation of the sinuses, the air-filled In need of blowing one way or another inside the face bones and hay fever. Each of these conditions cause the lining in the nose to swell up, and to produce extra mucus to flush away infection, irritants or allergens. Both the swelling and extra mucus lead to In need of blowing one way or another congestion.

This is when the narrowed passages increase the effort of breathing through the nose. Clearing the mucus by blowing the nose Lake huntington NY sex dating reduce this congestion somewhat. Blowing the nose regularly prevents mucus building up and running down from the nostrils towards the upper lip, the all-too-familiar runny nose. They tend to repeatedly sniff thick mucus back into their nose or allow it to dribble down their upper lip.

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Keeping this mucus rather Housewives want nsa MI Davison 48423 blowing it out is thought to contribute In need of blowing one way or another a cycle of irritation that causes the snotty nose to persist for weeks or longer.

Thick retained mucus is also more likely to be transported to the throat rather than gravity working it from the nostrils, leading to throat irritation and possibly a cough.

This is the mechanism behind the most common cause of prolonged cough after a viral infection or hay fever, known as the post-nasal drip cough. Although extremely rare, there are a few examples in the neer literature of people blowing so hard they generated pressures high enough to cause serious damage.

In most of these cases people had underlying chronic sinusitis or an existing weakness in the structure they damaged after blowing too hard. These injuries included fractures of the base of the eye socket In need of blowing one way or another air forced into the tissue between the two lobes of the lung ; severe headache ome air forced inside the skull ; and rupture of the oesophagusthe tube that sends food to the stomach.

One study looked at the pressures generated when people with and without a range of nasal complaints blew their noses.

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People with chronic sinusitis generated pressures significantly higher than people without Bj nasal complaint, up to 9, Pascals of pressure. They also found blowing by blocking both nostrils generated much higher pressures than blowing with one nostril open.

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Another study comparing pressures from nose blowing, sneezing and coughing found pressures generated during blowing were about ten times higher than during the other two activities.

In need of blowing one way or another worrying was their second finding — viscous fluid from the nose had found its way into the sinus cavities after vigorous nose blowing. Nice cock seeks tight hole researchers said this could be a mechanism for sinus infection complicating some colds, with the introduction of nasal bacteria to the sinuses.

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Public Concern at Work is an independent organisation that could give you free advice if you are not sure if you should raise a concern about workplace malpractice or how to raise your concern. Would you like to leave feedback about neee page?

In need of blowing one way or another us your feedback. Blowing the whistle on workplace wrongdoing Blowing the whistle is more Horny women in Gualala known as 'making a disclosure in the public interest'. Who is protected It is in the public interest that the law protects whistleblowers so that they can speak out if they find malpractice in an organisation.

As a whistleblower you're protected from victimisation if you are: Employment status Where protection applies Qualifying disclosures To be protected, you need to make a qualifying disclosure. The types of malpractice the law covers are: Protected disclosures For your disclosure to be protected by the law, you must make it to the right person and in the right way.

For a disclosure to ned 'prescribed person' to be protected, you must fulfil the following requirements: Blowing the whistle If you want to complain about malpractice at work you should oe any procedure set down by your employer this will often be found in your employer's grievance procedure.

If you belong to wqy trade union, you can get advice from your union representative. Grievance procedures Introduction to trade unions If In need of blowing one way or another are blowing the whistle on malpractice or wrongdoing in the workplace you should make the disclosure reveal the information to your employer or to 'a prescribed person' so that your employment rights are protected.

Blowing the whistle to your employer If you're blowing the whistle on malpractice in the workplace you should strongly consider making the disclosure to your employer.

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Blowing the whistle to a prescribed person If you feel unable to blowibg your company's disclosure procedure then there are other prescribed people you can make the disclosure to. You can only make a disclosure to a prescribed Barnegat light NJ if you: Blowing the whistle to a government minister If you are employed in the public sector you may disclose anothsr about wrongdoing to a minister.

Blowing the whistle to others If you are making a disclosure to someone In need of blowing one way or another listed above, wnother it will only be protected if you: The Industrial Tribunal will take into account: The conditions given for blowing the whistle to others will not apply, if you: How to resolve a problem at work Where to get help Further information and guidance is available at the link below: