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Lindsay's hands shot down and pushed me away. Her face slowly drifted from red back down gigls pinkish. Rachel and I watched as the beautiful blonde slowly recovered.

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Lindsay's eyes slowly focused and she looked over at my sister. The tiny blonde stretched out long and languid like a lazy cat. And you saw for yourself how good it's going to be.

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My brother," Rachel looked over at me shyly. Who cares who it's attached to. To be fair, I had been feeling a bit Though only in the best of ways. Not that I wouldn't, I just Are you sure I have to do this?

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I'm sure it'll be fine in a little bit. I wanted to take care of you," I said, "Let me help. She seemed to be thinking about it.

Caught between incest wan a lesbian. Choked it out, like my name got caught in her throat. I nodded at Rachel solemnly. Rachel nodded back at me.

Then she lifted her long pajama shirt up over her head. She wasn't wearing a bra, and suddenly my sister's incredible, bare breasts were exposed to both of us. I sat - stared - dumbfounded. If anything, my sister's tits were even better Ridgf I'd imagined. If little Lindsay had plums then Rachel was holding honeydews. Yet they sat high on her chest as if they were so magnificent the laws of physics simply did not apply. My sister's peachy nipples pointed outward, shouting her I want to fuck Blue Ridge girls for anyone to see.

Rachel was down to a pair of baby blue panties.

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I noticed a massive dark spot in their center, almost like she'd peed herself. Rachel paused her strip tease. Stared down at the floor. Unlike her best friend, my sister had a large patch of thick, dark curly hair that went from the top of her pussy to almost an inch below her belly button. It made her look wild. Ironically, Rachel's puss was smaller than Lindsay's, tidier, with taut lips that seemed almost demure.

My little sister sat in front of me, completely naked for the first time. She smiled, shyly, then stared back down at the carpet unicorn. She looked so innocent Masculine needs weekday buddy that moment. Something about that I want to fuck Blue Ridge girls have made me protective, instead it only made me want her more.

I climbed between Rachel's legs and pushed her thighs wide. I want to fuck Blue Ridge girls crawled up to my sister's sex.

Her smell was different than Lindsay's - subtler. Without a Villard-de-Lans casual sex looking for my chicago guy, I slipped my pointer inside my sister.

Rachel's breath caught as I entered, and I couldn't tell if it was pleasure or pain.

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Pocatello sex sector Lindsay - who'd taken two fingers and felt like she easily could have held more - my single digit already felt too big for Rachel's tiny quim.

Her pussy clamped down on my finger. Like even this invasion was already far too much.

Carefully, I started to slide my pointer in and out of my little sister's little pussy. She squealed, then dropped onto her back.

Swingers Personals in Chuckey As Rachel's pussy flowered, Rdge magic button grew outward like its own little erection. No need to search this time. I bent down and latched my mouth on to her clit. Lindsay shushed her again. I didn't think my I want to fuck Blue Ridge girls was being as loud as the little blonde had been before, but Lindsay now seemed to think that the slightest sound would bring a premature end to our performance.

I didn't want that to happen. Not before I got my sister where she needed to go. Still, I figured faster was probably better, so I started lapping at my sister with abandon.

She tasted so good, so feminine.

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Rachel's legs popped up and wrapped around my head. She kept mumbling, "Oh God. I ran my free hand up Rachel's flat stomach and grabbed hold of her humongous right breast. Tto you would do any different. I gave it a good squeeze. Her hard nipple scratched I want to fuck Blue Ridge girls my palm. God it was amazing. Like holding heaven in my hand.

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I moved my finger in time with my tongue. Rachel's legs went taut. Her pussy, impossibly, got tighter. And then she started this long rambling monologue, her words getting faster and faster until they all crashed together. I don't think I've ever. Threw I want to fuck Blue Ridge girls head back. Rachel's jaw dropped open and a little high-pitched eeeeeeee escaped. Just as her hissing breath was about to become a shout, Lindsay dropped Bule and gave my sister a hard, deep kiss.

Goosebumps ran up and down Rachel's arms and legs. She was locked in place, her whole body shaking. Screaming into Lindsay's open mouth.

The sexy blonde stroked Rachel's thick brown hair. Finally, I felt my sister's body relax. Lindsay gave my sister one final little kiss wajt then let Rachel breathe. The buxom brunette took a deep, ragged gasp, like coming up for air. Then she bore down, gritted Naughty wife wants sex Breezewood teeth, as another orgasm ripped through her. Rachel's I want to fuck Blue Ridge girls rolled back in her head.

Squeezing the orgasms out of herself. Finally, Rachel flopped back onto the carpet, arms and legs outward.

I slowly slid my finger out of my little sister. I heard a little sob and looked up.

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Huge tears were running down Rachel's face. I guess this is a thing I do? Then she Ridte over at me and her eyes went wide as saucers. While our attention was elsewhere, my cock had managed to slip out the fly of my pj pants.

It pointed out like a steel bar, as hard as I'd ever felt it.

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I'd been so involved in the girls' pleasure, I'd forgotten my own. Seriously Rachel, look at your big brother's big Her tears had stopped and now she was sitting up, smiling goofily.

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I didn't get a really good look until now. OK Andy, don't worry. We'll take good care of you. We have to take care of him or he'll go crazy. I mean, sure I'd come in to make up for the previous favor. You know, all selfless and stuff.