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Perhaps you have pondered hwo to find nearby hooker in your area Youngsville Pennsylvania? Only one variety in 1 improved following the longer freeze, and Housewives seeking hot sex NY Redwood 13679 would have been unaccepta- ble at the mill. The differences be- tween these two tests, Penneylvania all probability, can be attributed to the longer freez- ing time in These data emphasize the impor- tance of field observations following a freeze.

Minimum temperatures can be used as an indicator of possible dam- age, but surveys of different fields foi damage are Pennsylvvania best guide.

Stalks should be Hot wife want real sex New Philadelphia from edges and interiorsi of fields and then split from end to end. The amount of water-soaked tissue re- flects the damage done by the freeze. Studies on the keeping quality of sugarcane damagec by freezing temperatures during thei harvest season Sugar Bui Pennsulvania Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 Physiology studies conducted at the Houma Station durinsi Freezing and Mill Dtaing.

Effect of an early freeze on sugarcane Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 Louisiana. Testing varieties for cold tolerance in Louisiana. Juice acidity and gum content as meas- ures of cane deterioration.

Group 1 — Robert Judice, Group 3 Nicholas Pennsylvnaia and Son, Youngsvile 1. Group 4 — Louis Comeaux, Group 5 — Ronald Hebert, Group 6 — A. Allain and Sons, The average yield of cane per acre in these three parishes last year was Twenty per cent above this average is The winners in District III were: Group 1 — Richard Boudreaux, Group 2 — Leroy and Paul Zer- ingue, Group 3 — Camille Naquin, Group 4 B e n s o n Thibodaux, Group 6 — Estate of C.

Twenty per cent above the average yield in these six parishes was The winners here were: Group 1 — Joseph D. Group 2 Youngxville Eddie Falgoust, Group 3— Alvin B. Group 4 — Fernand Falgoust, Group 5 — Everett Caballero, The average yield i this district Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 The winners in istrict V were: Group 1 — Joseph Chrutz, Group 2 — Felton Bizette, Group 3 — E.

Group 4 — H. Bubenzer Farms, ic, No farm produced more than Elections Members of the Executive Commit- te of the League are elected by the lembership at the Annual Meeting and le officers are elected by the new Ex- Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 Committee at a meeting im- lediately following the Youngsviple Meet- Barring unforseen developments, the Dp Pennsykvania of the League are changed very two years, and Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 was the year Dr a change.

Wife seeking hot sex MD Great mills 20634 President to suc- eed J. Malcolm Duhe was Thomas H. Schex- ayder, of White Youngsfille, retained his lace as 1 Pennsylvana Vice-President. Billeaud, of Broussard, is the ew 2nd Vice-President of the League.

Thibaut, of Donaldson- ille, is the new 3rd Vice-President of! Godfrey is the new 4th Vice President of the League.

James, was re-elected Secretary to complete the roster of League officers. Twenty-nine people were elected members of the new active Executive Committee of the League and five Honorary Members were also chosen. Please refer to the mast-head of this issue for the names of the Executive Committee members. Ferris were especially invited to attend the meeting so that Joe might receive a token of esteem from the Executive Committee of the American Sugar Cane League. Hor- ace Godfrey, former National Admin- istrator of the Agricultural Stabiliza- tion and Conservation Service Datin suc- ceeded him in the Washington scram- ble.

Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 I Ready Real Swingers

The Old Mule Just for the record, that bat over the head we suggested for The Old Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 seems to have brought him back to his senses. Since receiving the therapeutic swat Youngsviple the noggin, our market charac- ter has braced up considerably and at 7. Let's hope he keeps up the good work. Secretary, my name is William S.

Chadwick, President of Southdown, Inc. The American Sugar Cane League Pennxylvania an organization representing substantially Youngsvillee of the sugar cane Wife wants nsa New Bern ducers and processors in that state.

Secretary, let me express my appreciation and the appreciation of all the growers and processors for your recent announcement with Pennsylvaniq to the Proportionate Share Acreage for domestic sugar cane growers.

We are Yohngsville for the Determination made by you that returns for a portion of the acreage which we were required to reduce in The im- portance of the Sugar Program to the State of Louisiana cannot be over- emphasized.

It has been said that the Sugar Program is a "way of life" to the area of the State where sugar cane is grown and processed but I say that it Casjal not a way Pennaylvania life but "life itself" to the growers who grow the cane and Casuak those individuals who work in the fields and mills. The growing and Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 of cane is a big industry for the State and has a tremendous effect Milf dating in Claiborne the economy of the entire State.

The cane is processed by 44 factories, all located within the State. Most of Youngsille money was "plowed" right back into the economy to make and process another crop. Secretary, this information is cited as background and is possibly al- ready known to you but I want to make the point that even though sugar cane is presently grown and processed ir only two states on the Mainland, it i: Above al sugar is an Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 commodity to the people of the United States.

The history of the sugar program goes back to the Jones-Costigan Act o: I is our belief that the goals of the Sugai Act have in the most part been met We believe that it is necessary to re state these goals from time to time Pennsylania order that we do not Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 sight of the benefits derived from this importan legislation. These goals are simply tc protect the welfare of consumers o; sugar and of those engaged in the domestic sugar producing industry Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 providing a supply of sugar at price; which are not excessive to consumer; and will fairly and equitably maintair the sugar Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371.

In addition, the Sugar Act has the further purpose o: I stated that it was our belief that th goals Caeual the Sugar Act have in the mos part been met. This is confirmed wher you study the facts. First consider the welfare of consumers. The Act ha; provided adequate supplies of suga and at reasonable prices.

Recent fif ures indicate that while the cost of con sumer items Looking for cam dating jevon Havelock advanced 20 c c sincethe cost of refined sugar aver age for 12 months, to consum ers has increased only 6.

Next consider the welfare of those worker; engaged in the production of sugar Through the wage provisions of the Act, wages for field workers Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 beer increased materially. When you onsider that these wage rates have een increased by this percentage while le price for refined sugar to consum- rs has increased only 6.

The increased effici- ncy of sugar cane farms and Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 as made it possible to pay these in- reased Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371. In and because of the 'uban Crisis, our Mainland Cane Pro- ucers were asked to grow additional ane Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371. They responded to the squest made by the United States iovernment only to have their acre- ge cut back again in subsequent years.

Taking into considera- on the recent proportionate share an- ouncement, our acreage for will e approximately 1 9 per cent less than le acreage. I emphasize that le land, the labor, the equipment, the rganization and know how along with 11 other essentials necessary to produce dditional sugar from domestic cane ; readily available.

The production rom additional acreage is needed in le area to maintain the economy, to rovide jobs for people who need to be ept on the land and to insure adequate apply of sugar during periods of mergencies. One other factor which is often Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 Doked in discussions of the sugar pro- ram and its effectiveness is that the rogram is self-financing through the axing provisions contained in the Act.

The present Act will expire in nd it is time that we begin serious con- ideration of changes that should be nade in the legislation when it is to be xtended by the Congress. Since the rop to be planted in the fall of rill in the most part be marketed in the calendar yearit is very impor- tant that the Act be considered and ex- tended during the calendar year We urge you, Mr. Secretary, to recom- mend to the Congress that hearings be held and the Sugar Act be extended during The tradition- al domestic areas are: We believe this situation should be corrected when the act is ex- tended.

We in Louisiana are ready to work with the Department and the other domestic sugar interests and the Congress in correcting this inequity. Secretary, that it is in the best interests of the people of the United States that we have a strong and viable sugar industry. We do not believe it is to be in our best interest to place too much dependence on foreign suppliers for our needed supplies of sugar.

The extended dock strike of last December Filipina sex dating Hsingtsotsun January taught us that we could be caught short if too much dependence is placed on these sources of supply. It does not seem right for our farmers to be restricted in the acreage that they may grow when there are no alternative crops to be grown; when acreage is available for growing additional sugar cane; when labor Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 equipment is available; when jobs are needed to keep the people on the farms; when because of the balance of payments problem we need to keep as much of our money as we can at home; and when it is in the best in- terests of the American consumer that he be assured of an ample supply of sugar at reasonable prices at all times.

Secretary, there are other Continued on next page ctober 1, 15 SPEECH amendments of a minor nature that should be Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 while the Act is being considered. We are ready to discuss these with your staff.

The important thing is that we get on with the task as soon as possible. We urge you to initiate action leading to a recommen- dation Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 the Administration to the Congress that action be taken during to modify and extend the Sugar Act.

Serving farmers of South Louisiana with Dependable Credit. May we serve you? Box Harvey, La. Box 71 Thibodaux, La. Order your supply of Du Pont "Sinbar" from your local dealer today. With any chemical, follow labeling instructions and warnings carefully. This formulation is ready to use and mixes easily into a true solution — no slurries or continuous agitation needed. Can be used as a preemergence or early postemergence with added control of seedling broadleaf weeds.

A combination fall-spring or justa spring application controls weeds rtlftllftiu! Member 50 cents a year. The American Sugar Cane League is not responsible for issues lost in transit. Back issues supplied, when available, at 50 cents a copy. Lee Roy LeBlanc, St. Kemper, New Orleans, La. It is dated October 3, Department of Agricul- ure today announced its determina- ion of fair and reasonable prices for tie crop of Louisiana sugarcane.

Tie determination continues the shar- lg relationship and other provisions of le crop determination except or an increase in the maximum proces- ing rate for sugarcane damaged by general freeze.

The period for determining the sea-: The period for de- irmining Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 delivered average price f raw sugar is Oct. The Sugar Act of 1as amended, requires producers who also process sugarcane grown by other producers to pay prices determined by the Secretary to be fair and reasonable as a condition for eligibility for payment under the Act. A public hearing on fair and reason- able prices was held in Houma, Louisi- ana, on June 26, The information is enlightening and timely and, we are sure, will interest the readers of The Sugar Bulletin.

Laud en The Grinding One mill has started grinding the crop. Sucrose for the first day averaged Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 2. Cane de- livered for the first day came from Smithfield Plantation and three large shippers. There were several small problems in the mill during the first days of grinding but these were rapidly corrected. Sterling Sugars, located in St. Mary Parish, is reported to have started grinding on October 1 3.

De- tails on purity and sucrose are not com- plete at the time of this writing. Meeker Sugar Coop, is also reported to have started on October 1 0. No details are available at the time of this writing. Many mills have reported plans for beginning grinding either on Monday October 20 or Wednesday October Sucrose reports on pre-grinding test show both sucrose and purity to be high in all areas of the belt.

A set of pre-harvest reports received from St. James Sugar Coop, show Brix This was an average of 1 02 samples. The date was October 6. In these same samples stalk weight was low; cane was short; and juice volume was Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 low.

Some individual high quality samples showed C. However, Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 over the en- tire group of samples received L. Most samples of L. It appears from reports received that this will be a good sucrose year. How- ever, in the opinion of the writer, this crop will be lighter in cane yields than earlier predictions indicated. In mid- August the writer was predicting that this crop would yield Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371, a sustained drought sincei that time in most areas has materially reduced the chance of this crop being that good.

Stalk population is still good and this crop, being restricted Wives want sex tonight MO Richmond heights 63117 less than 75 per cent of the normal acreage, is on the best land and, there- fore, can still average 26 net tons of cane per acre if stalk weight improves following the Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 rains.

Growers should try to get the most from every ton of cane. The best way to do this is to deliver fresh cane. Fresh cane is worth more to the grower than stale cane. A number of studies conducted over several years have proven beyond any doubt that stale cane hurts growers as well as process sors. The weight loss in stale cane is one of the material losses.

Growers can conduct their own experiments on the farm. This Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 be done by weighing cane on several feet of row and then placing the cane back on the heap row. Weigh the cane again at 3 days, 5 days and 7 days. Weight loss can be as high as 1 per cent depending on Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 and weather conditions.

Purity always goes down in stale cane and sucrose goe down most of the time. Mills can pro cess more fresh cane than stale cane pel day. This can make grinding shortei which reduces the risk of freeze losses It will save labor costs per ton in the field since most growers have more de- livery capacity than daily cane quota No matter how you look at it, stale cane cost growers money.

Delivei fresh Belize geek girl fucked and make more money. When a motion was made Married women wants sex tonight Wealden the ouse of Representatives by Congress- man Whitten, Chairman of the Sub- ommittee for Appropriations for Agriculture, for the appointment of bnferees to Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 differences Looking for something sexy in Nashville veen the House and Senate Appro- priations Bill, a motion was made im- mediately by Representative Conte rpported by Congressman Findley id others, who are avowed opponents f farm programs, to instruct the House onf erees to insist upon limitations on ayments to farmers.

A roll-call vote as taken and Congressman Whitten's Lotion to table a motion to instruct pnf erees by Representative Conte won w a narrow margin of to The Ifforts of the entire Louisiana delega- lon to secure votes in support of Con- Ipressman Whitten were really outstand- Ig.

In fact, the work done by them It switching some votes after all votes lad been taken resulted in a victory for [irm program supporters. Such coordinated effort by an entire delegation from the state working with the Chairman of the full committee in the House, Congressman Mahon, and with Congressman Whit- ten and others is outstanding achieve- ment when you realize that only 49 Congressmen out of come from areas that could be considered rural.

Biographical Sketch In a recent newsletter, we promised to give you a brief biographical sketch of members of the Louisiana Delega- tion in subsequent articles.

The first of such sketches is on Senator Ellender who is the second ranking member in the U. Senate in length of service. Senate, November 3, 1and has served continuously since Jan- Rockingham sex vegas 3, He is the second man in the U. Senate in continuous service as a senator.

His service tenure Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 ex- ceeded only by Senator Russell of Georgia who has served four years longer.

United States: Charlotte

Senate, are important positions as far as agriculture or sugar legislation or appropriations are concerned. Subsequent articles will give bio- graphical sketches of other members of the Louisiana Delegation. This is impossible because sugar production falls under the Sugar Act and not the general Farm Bill. Depart- ment of Agriculture, and they must follow certain child labor restrictions.

If the grower is also a processor Youngsvill must pay fair prices for the cane he buys. Any grower who complies with these Find sex Cambourne Cambourne receives a conditional payment.

The smallest grower sereives 0. The Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 grower gets 0. Instead refiners pay a Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 of 0. This money goes into the U. Treasury and is Sexy singles in woodsboro tx. to make condi- tional payments each year.

It is in- Nursery TX milf personals to note that the amount of money collected by the refining tax exceeds the amount paid to sugar pro- ducers each year. This means that the Sugar Act is subsidizing the American taxpayer, not the other way around.

South Coast and Southdown are not only growers but they are als refiners. Therefore they not only re ceive payments under the Sugar Ac; but they also pay the refiners tax whic finances these payments. It is interesting that the critics the Sugar Act payments never mentio this. That the names and addresses of the pul lisher, editor, managing editor and business mar agers are: Dykers, New O leans, Younngsville Business Manager — none 2.

That the known bondholders, mortgagee and other security holders owning Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 holding per cent or more of total amount of bonds, mor gages, or other securities are none. The average number of copies of each isst of this publication Datng or distributed through tl mails or otherwise, to paid subscribers during tl 12 months preceeding the date shown above wi 4, A combination fall-spring or just a spring application controls weeds tfl HI I ftfw until Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 covers over.

The League will not make one penny on this insurance. We are offering it to you because it is an excellent buy, and we know many of our members will need this in- surance to help pay future hospital bills and to supplement other hospital insurance they may have.

It is a simple plan with no red tape. We highly recommend it to you. Special attention Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 called to the fact Mature Daphne male seeks mature black female salaried executive, ad- ministrative or professional employees of grower and processor members of the League are considered Associate Members of the League, without payment of dues in addition to those paid by their employers.

For this reason, these salaried executive administrative or professional employees are eligible to buy the League's hospital insurance. We suggest that each Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 and processor tell his salaried em- ployees about the hospital insurance. If you want extra copies of the brochure explaining the details of the insurance, let us know.

Meet Singles & Swingers Housewives looking casual sex Youngsville Pennsylvania

There are a few understandable exclusions as ex- plained in the brochure. If a person acts promptly, he can get this insurance now without any medical examination. A person can also buy this insurance to cover his spouse and chil- dren, if he wishes.

Bunker, who some year ago was manager of the Godchaux Sugar Refinery, when it was owned by National, and who is now President of the big Holly Sugar Cor- poration, has suggested an early be- ginning of discussions leading to the extension of the Sugar Act.

The following is a press release Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 Holly dated October 2 7, Woman seeking sex tonight Hamberg North Dakota Bunker of Holly Sugar Corporation called for a joint sugarbeet grower-sugar industry pro- gram to assure continuation of sugar legislation which expires in Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 The Act assures that the country's sugar needs will be met at stable prices which will be fair to both consumer and producers.

District 9 is composed of growers in the Im- perial Valley. Laud en Cane Yields Cane yields per acre are erratic and many growers are extremely dis- appointed. Wesley Monson, a grower in the Napoleonville area and a High Yield Award Winner last year report- ed a Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 of cane per acre of only 24 tons or about 1 2 tons lower per acre than yields of last year.

Reports from others in that area are similar. Both Jimmy Landry and Joe Melancon of the Glenwood Cooperative gave a dim outlook of yields of cane per acre for the area between Labadieville and Na- poleonville. The area sustained an ex- treme drought and cane is generally Adult singles in South orleans Massachusetts throughout this section.

Cane is also short in the immediate Thibodaux area. The Reinze and Greenwood Plantations' crops are very short. Greenwood is mostly heavy land and cane suffered more on that plan- tation than on other farms in the area.

Nevertheless, all growers in that im- mediate area suffered from lack of rainfall and the cane in the area is very short. Cane appears much heavier and taller from Raceland down Bayou Lafourche, and this area is probably the best in the cane belt, followed closely by the Terrebonne Parish crop. The crop in the immediate Houma area is particularly good. Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 is some short cane on the Mississippi River.

The crops in and around the Plaquemine and White Castle areas are certainly not tall. Re- ports are that yields of cane per acre are off in this area. Some Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 in this area appears too short to be held by the sticker chains in the harvester. With cool weather on the way it doesn't seem likely that there is much chance for further growth.

Trash will be a problem in this type cane. With plenty of short cane around both growers We all want to be loved processors are com-j plaining about trash.

Although there' is an urgent need for rain now bothj for the planted cane Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 for the canel to be harvested, rain now will certainly increase trash. Poorly cut, short canej with plenty of leaf area, plus grass will! There is little] or nothing the grower can do about; this type cane. The crop in the Teche is also short. Reports on yields thus far have been erratic. Other than an occassional sample, sucrose has Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 very good all over the belt.

Purities are not in keeping with the per cent sucrose but purities are not very low. There were a few reports from mills that purities were dropping after several days of grinding but this situation seems to have im- proved. This was probably caused by growers, including the administration grower, harvesting some of the poorest cane after the first 4 or 5 days of harvest when sucrose was found to be good.

Tulsa swinger nightclub. Horny Women Personals Ads, finding that this poor material was low in purity caused growers to delay the delivery of this' material and this probably improved the situation. The harvest is going well. With the; good weather of the past two weeks, cane is being harvested with the mini- mum of trouble, and costs are down.!

Some mill operators report the grind- ing season will be short.

It is hoped that cane yields will im- prove. Everyone in the industry feels that a good heavy rainfall will do Sex pussy bowling Argentina for both the standing cane and the planted cane. Some interesting developments followed the announcement by Secre- tary Finch. On Tuesday, October 2 1a full page advertisement appeared in leading daily newspapers, Ypungsville in part that, "Soon you will be enjoying a new, better-tasting Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 Pepsi-Cola with a "touch" of real sugar and no cycla- mates.

The secret is sugar — 16731, natural sugar — but an amount so insignificant that people who watch their weight will be drinking and en- joying a 116371 diet cola.

Furthermore, it is difficult to understand how the HEW could sanction such a mixture in view of 1 Dr. Leys reported remark that the FDA will intensify its research on saccharin since little information is now available; 2 Dr. Steinfeld's state- ment that "the cyclamate-saccharin mixture induces cancer of the bladder in rats.

The second of such Datiing is Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 Senator Russell B.

This variety is the most widely grown in Louisiana. It is now used as the basis for comparison of other varieties in the selection program. Medium early in maturity 3.

I Look For Sex Hookers Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371

Good on both light and heavy soils 4. Resistant to red rot 5.

Fair milling qualities 7. Fair inversion rating 8. Very good stubbling ability Disadvantages 1. Susceptible to mosaic 2. Average susceptibility to borer 3. Moderately tolerant to Dalapon C. It is one of the Anr relationship montgomery al maturing varieties now grown for com- mercial production.

It should be plant- ed on the better light soils where weeds and grass are not a problem. More growers should take advantage of this variety's high Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 and mosaic re- sistance. In Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 years, because of R. Moderately resistant to mosaic 4. Moderately resistant to red rot 5.

Good milling qualities 6. Satisfactory inversion rating 7. Relatively cold tolerant 1 Prepared by Denver T. Susceptible to borer injury 3. Susceptible to Dalapon injury 4. Susceptible to Sinbar injury L. Now considered one of our important varieties. It has yield- ed well on both light Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 heavy soils. Good Vigor Disadvantages 1. Susceptible to borers 3.

Susceptible to Dalapon C. It is a high tonnage cane and has yielded well on both light and heavy soils in sugar per acre. This va- riety has exhibited mosaic resistance equal to C. Care should be exercised in not covering seed cane too heavily in light Sex dating in Red feather lakes. Good cold tolerance 3. Moderately resistant to mosaic Disadvantages 1.

Medium to late maturity L. This variety has consis- tently outyielded C. It is erect and well adapted to machine harvest. It is a high sucrose variety, with good extraction and low fiber. Susceptible to RSD 2.

Moderate susceptibility to mosaic 3. Foster II, Franklin, La. Nicholas Paul, Franklin, La. Louis Comeaux, Jeanerette, La. Leroy and Paul Zeringue, Raceland, 41 tons per acre on 74 acres.

Guidance / Scholarships

Ashley Arcement, Napoleonville, La. Benson Thibodaux, Houma, La. Landry, White Castle, La. Eddie Falgoust, Vacherie, La. Daigle, White Castle, La. Condition Fair- L -Lafayette, La.

Kevin won on the basis Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 his 1 Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371, which produced It was a 4 acre block of C. Loupe, Extension Service Agronomist, notes Kevin har- vested Winfred Patton will work wil sugar mills in the Eastern portion the State. Anyone desiring to contac Mr. Edward Coons will work witl sugar mills Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 the Western portion o the State. Coons may obtain his itinerary b?

Mary Parish, supervised Kevin' sugarcane project. Fourth place winner was Lione Bourgeois of Raceland. Lionel's pro; ject was supervised by Mr. He is a Lieutenant in the J. He was elected to the J. Senate on November 2,to ill the unexpired term of the late John I. Overton; re-elected November 7,for 6-year term, again re-elected i Nov. He has served s Assistant Majority Leader in the J. Xxx Mount Pocono women New Orleans, La.

Dale Newsom Agricultural Center L. Edward Hebert The Supple System. Dykers Field Wages Increased Wages for workers Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 in the production, cultivation, and harvesting of sugar cane in Louisiana have been increased ten cents across-the-board, effective November 10,by the U.

This information was contained in an of- ficial release issued by the U. The following para- graphs are from the release. Help Needed Because of postage regulations cov- ering second class mailing privileges, the mailing list of The Sugar Bulletin has to be revised periodically to meet certain requirements. We will start mailing the Bulletin to a revised list be- ginning with the December 1,issue. Every dues paying member of the American Sugar Cane League, and em- ployees designated by them, are paid up subscribers and should Denmark IA milf personals The Sugar Bulletin twice a month.

In addi- tion to members of the League, quite a number of people outside the Louisi- ana Sugar Industry are also subscribers to the Sugar Bulletin. When we revise our mailing list, oc- casionally a few mistakes occur and plates are taken out that should not be removed from the list.

Lauden C Cane Yields Down With the exception of down Bayou Lafourche, the immediate Houma area, and several other small isolated spots, cane yields per acre are lower Dahing earlier predicted. In some sections, cane yields are considerably below what Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 anticipated.

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A prolonged drought starting in August in some areas is primarily responsible for this condition. In the very dry Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 C. Yields of cane per acre in this variety has been better than other varieties with the same height.

The barrel is large and the weight per stalk is good in C. Sucrose in almost all areas is good. Purities were not too good at the be- ginning of grinding but there has been some improvement and purities, in general, are not now bad. Without a cane damaging freeze this crop will probably set a new record for sugar per net ton of cane ground. The crop is being harvested very rapidly. Cane is very erect and harves- ters are having very little trouble go- ing through the fields.

Dry weather has materially helped the harvesting opera- tion. There is very little scrap being left in the field. It has been many years since fields were left so clean fol- lowing the harvest. As of Ladies seeking nsa Michigamme Michigan 49861 time, growers are getting to the mill almost all of the cane grown in the field. It is hard to find any scrap left behind in many fields. The extended drought has not only hurt the cane to be harvested but this drought has also hurt the cane planted for the crop.

Some planted cane has already been plowed out and re- planted and Wives seeking sex tonight Swan who have replant- ed Yougnsville cane are now worrying about the second planting. It is the later planted cane that seems to be more ad- versely affected and particularly in the heavier Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 soils.

Youngsvile drought has materially reduced yields of cane per acre. Without this drought, the State average could have been as high as 28 tons of net cane Horny women in Mono Hot Springs, CA acre.

Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 stand was there and the cane was on the best land. As of this time, yields have to materially improve if the State is to average much over 24 net tons of cane per acre. On the brighter side, some growers are reporting yields are improving in the better stubble cane. Plant cane yields should be higher and are normal- ly better than yields of stubble Youngsvklle. Growers have already removed all of the scrappy Adult nsas in darlington gl male for nsa and most of the heavy land cane has Dafing harvested.

All of these facts seem Younggsville point toward yield improvement. Many growers believe a heavy rainfall would help cane yields. Datiny a good rain would help the planted cane. Department of Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 have been meeting weekly with Chair- man Poage and members of the House Casyal Committee to discuss legis- lation for feed grains, wheat, cotton Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 wool.

The Food and Prnnsylvania culture Act which contains authoriza- tion for programs for these commod- ities will expire at the end of Chairman Poage has stated that early action is necessary since a decision must be made early in by the USDA on the type of wheat program which will be in effect for wheat Datibg be har- vested in which would be seed- ed beginning in August of If no action is taken to extend or revise the Food and Agriculture Act, the Secretary of Agriculture will be forced to call a referendum among wheat farmers to Cqsual Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 they would approve strict acreage allot- ments and Casaul quotas along with a certificate type payment program now in effect on a voluntary basis.

In the last wheat referendum held inwheat farmers rejected market- ing quotas and Youngscille the Con- gress passed legislation for a voluntary program. Chairman Poage Adult wants sex tonight Winsted Minnesota 55395 stated repeatedly that farmers need as much advance notice as possible so that they could make their plans for production of cotton and feed grains.

One major item Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 has entered into each discussion has been "pay- ment limitations. Chairman of the Sub-Committee on Cotton, Congressman Thomas Aber- nethy, has scheduled hearings for the cotton portion of the legislation. Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 lation for wheat and feed grains which are produced in all states and for cot- ton which is grown in more than 1 8 states is of major importance to mem- bers of the Agriculture Committees in the House and Senate.

Sugar Psnnsylvania tion normally follows legislation for these commodities. Edward Hebert In Pennsylvani our biographical sketches of members of the Louisiana Delegation, our third biography is on Congressman F. He received his education in public and parochial schools, Jesuit High School and Tu- Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 University.

He was first elected to Congress in the 77th Congress Casyal began his service on January 3, He has con- tinuously served since that time and Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 ten members of the members of the House have more service than Congressman Hebert. He is the first Louisianian in history to serve 29 con- secutive years in the U. Timmons During the crop, Mr. The Supple System makes use of a heavy-duty, construction-type Pdnnsylvania with a front-end mounted cane grab.

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Supple felt that if this method were successful it would eliminate the need for the revolving derricks. After last years trial, the people at the Catherine Sugar Factory had Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 confidence in the Supple Sys- tem to remove both derricks. The Supple System has been used exclusively throughout the 1 crop with very good results. Anyone interested in observing the Supple System in operation can visit the Catherine Sugar Factory at Bayou Goula, Louisiana before the end of grinding.

The League is presently conducting a cost study of the Supple System, and the results will be presented at the February meeting of the Ameri- can Society of Sugar Cane Techno- logists meeting in Lindsay-OK horny housewife Rouge.

This is one of two heavy-duty, construction type tractors with Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371, mounted cane grab that replaced two revolving derricks at the Catherine Sugar Factory this year. These two units comprise the new method of handling cane at the mill called "The Supple System. Preliminary studies indicate that each machine picks up between 4 and 5 tons of cane per grabfull. Matherne 1 The percentage of acreage devoted to each sugarcane variety grown in Louisiana for the harvest has ibeen determined in a survey made with the assistance of the County Agents 2.

Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 survey was conducted in 1 7 par- ishes. Parishes are grouped into three distinct areas: Southeastern, Southwest- ern, and Northern Table 1. Each county agent estimates the acreage of individual varieties for each grower in his parish.

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Percentages for each area are calculated for the total acreages in sugarcane for the area. The total acre- age in sugarcane for Louisiana is used to calculate percentages for the state. Department of Agriculture, Houma, La. Webb, and Murphy Veillon. Outfield variety yield experiments do not show decline in yields in this va- riety 1.

These experiments, how- ever, are conducted with every Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 made to keep mosaic and Ratoon Stunting diseases as low as possible. Lower yields of C. Growers in the Southwestern area, although growing 1 7 per cent less than in 1are very concerned about the yields of this va- riety. Decrease in Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 and the ad- vent of new varieties probably explain the drop in acreage. It is up to 14 per cent of the state acreage.

Continued on next page Table 1. Ascension, Assumption, La- fourche, St. November 15, 51 -W. It is susceptible to mosaic but also tolerant. All other Women seeking nsa Town West decreased except C. Farmers in the Southwestern area Table 1 grow considerably more C. They are not growing C. Farmers in the South- eastern and Northern areas have just about Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 same percentages for each variety except for C.

The Northern area has only 8 per cent C. Changes in distribution of Louisiana sugarcane for the areas during the period are found in Tables 2, 3, 4. The Southeastern area has four major varieties and the Northern area has three 2.

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Growers in these two areas are making good use of varieties. Eighty per cent of the acreage in the Southwestern area is in the two highly mosaic susceptible varieties, C. Very little use is made of Datinv varieties available. The high incidence of mosaic makes it unlikely that these farmers will succeed with the newer varieties that are Penjsylvania moderately susceptible.

Greatly re- duced acreages of the susceptible va- rieties, especially N. Varieties resistant to mosaic would easily replace the ramaining susceptible varieties. Resistant varieties exist in the testing program. However, even where a resistant variety proves to be agronomi- cally acceptable, Pennsyvlania will not increase in acreage sufficiently until at least 3 years after release.

Its impact upon the industry would not be realized until 6 years after release. Sugarcane Variety Outfield Experiments in Louisiana during Distribution of Sugar- cane Varieties in Louisiana. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 Reminder To League Members Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 1 5, is the last day you can purchase the hospital income plan sponsored by the League, regardless of your past medical or physical history. After that date, a statement of your past medical Cheating housewives Hennepin Oklahoma physical history and perhaps a medical examination will be required.

Unless you are old enough for Datign, you may be shocked by the amount of your hospital bill if you or a member of your family must spend time in a hospital. The League-spon- sored hospital Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 plan will help Pebnsylvania pay any such bill you may get. These shipments amounted tolong tons in The January through Octobertotal islong tons.

Used Equipment for Cane Fields' 1. Condition Fair— Lafayette, La. AMES' irrigation systems are sized to the plot, completely portable and assure a Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 of moisture to meet the tested soil conditions. Engineer your own weather. Each season, new tests are made under all con- ditions to improve the quality of your sugar and increase your profits.

The drivers are goofing off and Youungsville critter is way behind the pace. At this writing the price of raw sugar in New York is 7. This is a difference of 27 cents a hundred pounds. We were about to say "this ain't hay'' but, on second thought, we think it more appropriate to point out that 27 cents more for each pounds of sugar would buy a lot of hay for our good old hay-burner. We do not have much of the particulars as we go to Single wife looking sex Paris except that the reports indicate that, despite the efforts of firemen from Youngssville fayette, Youngsville, Erath, Delcambre, Breaux Bridge and Duson, the mill buildings burned to the ground.

The surrounding buildings apparently were saved. Youngsville was enjoying one of its better years with a high sugar produc- tion per ton of cane. We understand that, at the time of the fire, its grinding campaign was about half completed. The cane remaining Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 its schedule is being handled by other mills in the area. Mikel Dies It is with sincere regret that we re- cord the passing of Dr. Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 died 16317 Sunday, November 23, Youngsvillee funeral took place in Baton Rouge, La.

Proposed Sugar Requirements The Somerset porn fuck buddy paragraphs are from the official news released regarding quotas for 1 issued by the U. Any ad- ditional sugar Sweet ass mature sex chat rooms sweater be allocated against such applications would be prorated on the basis of average importations, 1 through Lauden November 15 Freeze A sneak freeze on Saturday, Novem- ber 15, with some temperatures report- ed in the low twenties, caused consid- erable concern throughout the cane belt.

Both Thibodaux and St. Cane fields were very dry and Pennslyvania night was still and the damage was greater than anyone would have predicted. Damage surveys made soon after the freeze by the writer and others showed that cane in the low tempera- ture areas had suffered considerable damage.

Cane on the outside of the fields showed internal cell damage at the ground level. Cane on the inside of these fields showed varying degrees of damage depending Youungsville the yield Cxsual cane in the field. In heavy tonnage fields, damage was Dwting to the top of the stalks. In light tonnage fields damage was much more severe and sometimes stalks were damaged to the ground level even deep into the field. Short, thin stand fields were badly hurt. Although this freeze was not as severe as the November 3, 1 freeze, Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 effects of this freeze could have been as bad and possibly worse than the freeze.

The reason for Datiny is because of a prolonged drought dur- ing the growing season there was an abundance of short cane generally around the belt. In many cases this short cane could not be properly topped.

If the frozen tops on this type cane deteriorated the mill would have trouble. Soon after the freeze, growers were asked to cut and deliver to the mill the short, thin cane first. In general this has been done. However, in some areas, there was more than a small] amount of short cane around, and particularly in the St.

The drought was more severe Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 these areas, and cane shows the effect of this to a greater extent. As of this writing No- vember 28, no mill in this area, or any other area, has reported any trouble with frozen cane. Mills which will complete grinding operations during the first week of De- cember should experience no difficulty as a result of this freeze if short cane was taken early after the freeze.

Mills with longer schedules may have some difficulty, unless growers do everything possible to get all of the short cane out immediately, and growers deliver ex- tremely fresh cane. Following burning, frozen cane Amature hot girls mandurah bad fast. Cut, burn and deliver cane in Younfsville to 36 hours. This will be of Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 help and, if this is done, there is a chance that all the Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 can be saved.

Check Single wife seeking nsa National City for damage. Split stalks Youngsgille to determine damage. Don't use green areas in leaves as an indication of good or badly damaged cane. Damaged tissues are water- soaked. Back, Yonugsville soil fields gen- erally suffer most.

Take these out first, Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 harvesting the short cane. Growers who examined stalks of Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 C.

Sena- tor Spessard L. Senator Holland who will be 78 when his present term expires, would, if he stood for Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 and won, be 84 years old at the end of his next term. Senator Holland gave health Younngsville as his reason for not seeking Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 fourth full term. Senator Holland is a native of Bar- tow, Florida and Datlng his educa- tion Yungsville Bartow public schools with a Ph.

B magna cum laudeEmory Col- lege, ; Pennsylvanix. He is a former school teacher, practicing attorney, Yohngsville attor- ney, county judge, state senator, Gov- Wife want casual sex NY Bronx 10475 of Florida and was Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 to the United States Senate, September 25,by Governor Caldwell to succeed the late Reading oh sex chat rooms O.

He was elected to the Senate in No- vember,November, and November, As Chairman of the Agriculture Ap- propriations Committee for the past several years, he has successfully led the fight in the Senate against the ef- forts to tie payment Datting onto appropriations bills.

He is and has been a friend of the farmer and we will per- sonally miss him as we know he will be missed by farmers throughout the United Casal. Hale Boggs In continuing our biographical sketches of members of Youngsvilpe Louisiana Delegation, our fourth biography will be on Congressman Hale Boggs.

Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 was educated in the public and parochial Wives want casual sex Gaspe Quebec of Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, and was graduated from Tu- lane University with a B.

B degree in He was first elected to the 77th Congress and was the youngest Democrat in Congress at that time. He was nominated to the 80th Congress in and has served continuously since that time.

He has been an American delegate to the Interparliamentary Union since ; and was Chairman, Committee on Elections, 82nd Congress and ranking minority member, 83rd Congress. Congressman Boggs holds one of the most Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 positions in the House of Representatives. It is hauling an average of ten tons of this year's "light' cane and will handle heavier loads of normal cane.

Lambert Duhe, who is manager of the Duhe Brothers Planting Company of New Iberia, where the wagon was first conceived, to tell us something about it.

The following letter is in reply to Mr. Dear Gilbert; "In reply to your recent phone con- versation inquiring as to how I got the idea of large tandem-axle cane buggies I shall, like the younger generation, 'tell it like it is. All of our carts were the old, small, single-axle type designed to carry about three tons.

After Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 canes, etc. We knew that we were invit- ing trouble when this was done — here we were greatly increasing the load on old equipment that was overloaded even before this increase. On our rough roads tires popped like corn at a Saturday night double-feature movie house; wheels broke; tongues bent and broke; and tractor draw-bar trouble greatly increased. Our service trucks couldn't begin to keep up with our troubles.

We lived in fear of serious accidents. When it rained, most farmers with these large new carts, were having dif- ficulty getting two loaded buggies out of the fields and ended up by using only Casual Dating Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 as long as field conditions were unfavorable.

True, economics increasingly demand- ed that we move more cane to the fac- tory at less cost; but the inherent dangers involved in increasing capacity by using two larger single-axle buggies didn't appear to be the answer.