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What does still exist is due only to TV-viewing Beatles fans trying to capture the moment, back before the days of home VCRs. A small portion of the interview was captured on silent home-movie film by a Beatles srriously aiming an 8mm movie camera at their TV set. The 2 minute home movie of the Any girls free tonight seriously screen, while producing a Any girls free tonight seriously picture and only a very small fraction of the full 22 minute appearance, unfortunately is the only known 'video' in existence of John and Paul's appearance on the Tonight Show.

Luckily, all of the audio was recorded by another Beatles fan who decided to capture the TV interview by placing their amatuer audio recorder next to their TV set.

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There have been some fairly successful attempts to synchronize the surviving 2 minutes of silent, low-quality video with the segments of audio that correspond with it. The 9 photos presented below are enhanced still-frames from one such video which circulates among collectors. It was an important time. The Beatles were currently announcing their new company Apple Corps, they had just returned from meditation in India, and they would soon begin the recording sessions for The White Album upon returning to England.

Below is the transcribed text of this lost American network television appearance from May 14th Can I ask you something? How Any girls free tonight seriously you get here?

Not from England, but from the hotel with all the people out there? Are the other two gentlemen I don't know how you do it. I would love to. Unless you've got a pool around you. We had a bit of trouble today-- this fella-- We did an interview for the educational program. Any girls free tonight seriously he started asking us questions, and they were quite sort of serious questions, you know.

So it Yuzawa adult lesbian Yuzawa a choice between just laughing it up, or answering seriously. We were just sort of-- clears throat comically --not too serious, you know, just sort of.

Do you have houses pretty much together?

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I'm not breaking your mood, am I? I was nearly gonna be a teacher but that fell through, luckily. Seirously, you said something that's hard for me to believe. You were in Central Park, and no one recognized you, Sunday?

You just walked around? The Any girls free tonight seriously weren't with you? We often do it. If people don't know-- expect us, what are they gonna do but see a bit of long frre walking around like all the other long hair.

technology rocks. seriously.: School Signs

We just found out about it. How much of it do you really see? It's ballpark to a hotel, I think. Well you see, our accountant came up and said, 'We toniggt this amount of money.

Do you want to give it to the government or do something with it? So, we've got this Any girls free tonight seriously called 'Apple' which is going to be records, films, and electronics-- which all tie-up.

And to make Women from Toledo Ohio nude sort of an umbrella so people who want to make films about We'll try and do it like that. I mean, we'll find out Any girls free tonight seriously happens, but that's what we're trying to do. Because you can't get through the door 'cuz of the color of your shoes.

Big companies are so big that if you're little and good it takes you like 60 years to make it. And so people miss out on these little good people. seriouslt

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You came from a poor background. It's just 'cuz, we know what we had to fight to, sort of We're trying to make a park for people to come in and do what they want.

If we are sane-- we have enough. Our life isn't like a tour, or like 'A Hard Day's Night' or any of those things.

That's only what we're doing now. We create that, or that is created. But when we're just living, it's calm. Official Site - Join for Free Fuck Buddy Hookup Site

Not at the moment, you know. It's hectic-- New York. You get into it.

I mean, three days isn't enough to get used to that. I would feel it's natural. I feel like I've read about you and I want to meet you. It's a bit difficult when you know you're going out into a million homes. But it's the same thing! When you go on stage it's just one of those things. I met the guru, the Maharishi. And I noticed that he went out with an act-- the Beach Boys.

Any girls free tonight seriously

Well, we found out that we made a mistake there. I thought it was a terrible idea. But that's a personal mistake we made in public.

And meditation is good, and it does what they say. It's like exercise or cleaning your teeth, you know. It works, but uhh, we've finished with that bit.

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I think it's just that we're seeing him a bit more in perspective, you know, 'cuz we're as naive as the next person about alot of things. I mean, we thought he was But I wouldn't say, 'Don't meditate' to them, because alot of them would get a great deal from it.

I mean, he's good. There's nothing wrong with him. But we think the system is more important than all the two-bit personality bit. You know, he gets sort of treated like a big star.

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He's on the road with the Beach Boys, and it's all that scene. It folds, you know.

That's the silly thing. If it's not getting on your nerves, it's 'Oh, what a happy fellow. I figured there tonught something, maybe my tie was loose.

Any girls free tonight seriously

Who was the first one that met the Yogi? So we all went and we thought, 'What a nice man. You know, everybody's looking for it, but we were looking for it 'that day' as well. And then we met him and he was good, you know.

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He's got a good thing in him. And we went along with it. Not that you lose a group, but you seem to be changing your audience. So we change as well.

And our audience changes, too, all the time. We don't sort of put our finger on 'What age group or why. Little caps and big cowboy boots.

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But then we changed to suits, you know. Any girls free tonight seriously all said, 'You've gone ponched. It happens like that. That's what keeps happening. And we lost alot of people with 'Sgt Pepper,' but I think we gained more. Every combination of two people writing a song But we obviously influence each other, gurls groups and people do.

How does that happen? They just, sort of-- they COME, you know. It just came and I couldn't think of any words to it, so originally it was just, 'Scrambled Egg.